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ID No: #1098
19.10.2019 16:26

Wolf von Langa

WVL 23239 AUDIO FRAME CHICAGO by Wolf von Langa


The Reference

All models in the AUDIO FRAME series are without enclosure and perform openly. They’re built with different modules, which is beneficial, since all the parts are rather light-weight and easy to assemble even in a loft several floors high. The open casing enables the musical playback even in acoustically difficult environments and these usually don’t require any architectural modifications.x

Every model gets its own nickname from its acoustic characteristics. Western Electric with its headquarters in Chicago was involved significantly in the development of sound recording and playback in the thirties. We were inspired by their full range speaker titled 755A and designed a new perfect voice coil, a modern suspension and an ideal field coil magnet for the so important speech frequency range.

All fast-moving cones in our loudspeakers are guided by specially developed electromagnets. 

The precision of the AUDIO FRAME CHICAGO is not only breathtaking, but also encourages you to listen more and more. The impulse behavior and the sonority captivate with an intriguing balance between the full-tone foundation of the low notes and the incredible beautifully playing of the tweeter. Make an appointment right away!



„After spending some time with the Audio Frame Chicago you’ll begin to understand how thoroughly deliberated this concept is. Wolf von Langa opens completely new musical horizons.“ AudioVideo
„The striking, filigree openness and naturalness, coupled with these coarse as well as fine dynamic abilities, make live recordings and drum solos into rousing experiences of a very rare kind. That's great art.“ LowBeats
„I would like to congratulate you on your outstanding loudspeakers and thank you for the successful demonstration! I was with them on Friday afternoon and found an island of relaxation and unpretentious well-being in the midst of the hustle and bustle.“ B. Liebenberg
„One may ask the question, why not more manufacturers give the electromagnet a chance. Probably effort and costs are very high. But this effort makes it clear that in some places, something is still possible. In any case, the idiosyncratic Chicago is from now on the new speaker reference at LowBeats because of its universal controllability, its good nature towards weak amplifiers, but above all because of its natural-dynamic sound. In the future, the best will have to compete with them.“ H. Biermann