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22.02.2008 01:00


Music versus Body Energy Relationship

Music versus Body Energy Relationship

I wonder why we listen at music! What do we feel when listening at music! What happens to our body! Why a fantastic song for someone is terrible for the other! Why we sometimes feel different and want to listen at our best music but bored, we replace it, and replace it and replace it, still don't like any of them. We sometimes buy a CD to listen in one day, we like that CD but never want to listen and always choose something else instead. We don't like a kind of music but after years, we suddenly like it! I will try to share some points here

Music is a kind of energy form that feeds our sprits. Music works in two directions. If we need energy, (being moody, feeling weak and demoralised) it provides the energy. If we are in anger, mad, furious, it takes the negative energy out of our body. I assume music stimulates some points in the brain, so some hormones are produced. In night clubs, disco music is played often but after sometime, the energy level in body is so much charged, then disco music is interrupted by slow music to release the excessive energy back.

Music mainly can be classified to two groups; Energy Removals and Energy Releasers. It is not always necessary to enjoy energy delivering music. You may not like it but you may still capture some energy out of it. I sometimes feel flying when listening, I became in deep trance and when the music is over, I feel much stronger, powerful and self-confident. So many people shared the same feelings with me.

Energy Releasers: We sometimes feel that our arms, legs, head rhythm during listening. We tend to increase the volume up in such music. Sometimes, we don't like a kind of music at all but still rhythm. Energy releasing music may change the body chemicals, feed us, liven up and make us feel better. Disco, Black slows, Rhythm & Blues, kind of Jazz, Acid Jazz, Impressionism age in classical music, Russian composer's music can be considered in that category.

Energy Removals: For business people, particularly after 40 years of age, worked hard all the day long then fight against to traffic jam of the cities, felt exhausted may need such sort of music so frequently.
Such energy removal music may be Baroque, Renaissance, Romantic, Post Impressionist Ages in classical music or North Jazz (Norwegian Jazz), most of ECM Labels, most of Windham Hill Labels or such kinds.

If the aim of that article is conclude with a tip, we better decide about our mood and choose the kind of music carefully. I judge my mood before listening and decide what type I need, then select from those types. I don't listen anymore my brand new not-listened CD's at the first change if they don't fit with my current mood. As a matter of fact, compared to years ago, I enjoy more in music

Özhan Atalay
March 2004