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27.09.2022 17:43


Acoustic treatment in your room or studio

TUBE TRAP is a floor-standing unit, and its cylindrical shape provide to them structural strength, so they can be safely put one on top of the other.

Their multilayer interior enables fast sound absorption in the range 20 – 410 Hz.

Their diameter determines how deep and what is their range of impact on the Bass area in terms of absorption.

Details can be found on the website:

TUBE TRAP with its cylindrical shape provides best result in space compared to other elements for acoustic treatments.

This type of TUBE TRAP is equipped with a TREBLE DIFUSOR passive surface, which performs the correction of sound purity in space.

Tube traps save your space, and in the best way eliminate unwanted sound waves that distort the sound image in your listening room.

By placing and positioning them in room, you achieve greater sound clarity, greater sound transparency, best width of sound stage, and detail of the sound scene with minimal investment compared to the price of your Hi Fi system and other Hifi equipment.

At certain frequencies, reflection patterns begin to overlap and form a synchronized state with each other and then we have the appearance of stoic waves.‎

‎Whenever this pattern overlaps with the sound from the speakers, we get an unwanted "boom boom" effect from the speaker that uncontrollably highlights only a few very strong bass tones, while the rest of the spectrum is lost in space.

When bass is generated near a wall, its free-field frequency response becomes distorted.‎

‎The first reflection point creates a wave of pressure over the cone of the speakers.‎

‎The walls, floor and angles with their reflection create waves that are "late" from 5 to 20 ms and that wave mixed with the signal that came out directly from the speakers, induce unwanted effects in the bass scope of the speaker's operation, as well as the appearance of unwanted petals of lateral reflections.

‎This type of TUBE TRAP with built-in diffuser as a reflective surface is the highest quality upgrade of your sound space into one unique unit of high Hi Fi performance with minimal investment.‎

TUBE TRAP also allow to user to control and adjust its built-in reflex surface, by their rotation around the wasp to adapt them in their "work" to absorption/dispersion in the medium and high spectrum of tones.

Two-thirds of the TUBE BASS TRAP surface works in the Absorption Spectrum, while one third of TUBE TRAP contains a special reflex surface for broadband Diffusion of frequencies above 400Hz, and allow to user to control and adjust its built-in reflex surface.

With its adaptive absorption and reflection properties, TUBE BASS TRAP allows the listener to quickly and easily adjust the relative amount of absorption and diffusion in the room, thereby optimizing the focus of the image and the overall coherence of the sound scene.

Adaptive absorption and reflection of TUBE TRAP enables quick adjusting the width of the sound image and focusing on the wheels of lateral reflections. By adjusting the reflection, the sound image expands while adjusting the absorption will not expand the sound image outside the speaker space.

TUBE TRAPS also can be stacked next to each other in a sequence that will cast a sound shadow on the laterally side of the speakers.‎

Tube Traps transform room acoustics into an unforgettable precise and dynamic bass musical line, and they work great with sudden and dynamic sound variations.‎


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