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07.12.2019 07:51

Wolf von Langa

WVL 23216 AUDIO FRAME LONDON by Wolf von Langa

Go for innovation not marketing

The news are breaking: it’s not the speaker cone that creates the sound of music, but the drive unit. This is not only affirmed by modern simulation programs, but also by plain common sense. Just like the power is generated in the engine, not the wheels. The engine is the only place where the music signal is converted to sound energy. And this is why we have pursued new, progressive approaches and reinvented the loudspeaker drive unit. Slowly but surely the advantages of an electric motor are recognized from the car industry and the racing sport Formula E. We’ve been producing loudspeaker electromagnets with power management already for over 10 years. If you want to learn more about WVL Drive Unit Packages please visit our website "state-of-the-art.design". Explorers, curious listeners and music lovers may have heard of us potentially before. You should be one of them. You too can listen with Wolf von Langa loudspeakers. Which slogan was once used by a big German car manufacturer? „Vorsprung durch Technik". That’s true …

The Benchmark

All models in the AUDIO FRAME series are without enclosure and perform openly. They’re built with different modules, which is beneficial, since all the parts are rather light-weight and easy to assemble even in tricky homes. The open casing enables the musical playback even in acoustically difficult environments and these usually don’t require any architectural modifications.

The byname of each model is due to its special acoustic property. The LONDON’s whole mid and high frequency range for example, is reproduced by a wideband unit that has originally been designed by Paul G. A. H. Voigt, Sydenham, London and has been perfected to the state-of-the-art magnet technology by us.

With the AUDIO FRAME LONDON your listening experience will be effortless, hour after hour. The music will pour from the speakers to completely relax you while still letting you discover new details again and again. Go ahead and set a date for a listening!

„The Wolf von Langa London creates the inner homogeneity, speed and authenticity that classic speakers simply can not handle with common drivers.“ LowBeats

„One can certainly criticize one or another aspect regarding Wolf von Langa loudspeakers: they are always big, never cheap, and their appearance is polarizing. But they are, both, in terms of construction, and also regarding their sound, some of the most exciting speakers the world market has to offer.“ H. Biermann

The loudspeaker system AUDIO FRAME LONDON also received a very special award: The Industrial Prize „Best Of Electrical Engineering 2018

The loudspeaker WVL 23216 LONDON is available in ultra gloss black (special colours for the buildup are available, please ask).