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ID No: #1191
26.08.2020 12:00


Davinci audio in unison luxury turntables

DaVinci Audio In Unison Modelleri Stoklarımızdadır.

Dinlemek Ve Tecrübe Edinmek İçin Lütfen Bizimle İletişime Geçin

Mustafa Bayram



The requirements are:


  • carefully selected materials
  • Swiss precision technology for top Swiss quality
  • a highly stable base
  • to eliminate resonances we fill the cutout with special compound
  • completely silent magnetic bearings
  • own motor and motor control unit, same like AAS Gabriel / DaVinciAudioturntable
  • an absolutely stable power supply
  • platter with integrated damping system
  • height adjustable damping feet developed by DaVinciAudio


These form together the cornerstone of the DaVinciAudio Labs “In UniSon” MK II turntable concept aimed at a replay system matching, as closely as possible  the requirements of a perfect record cutting machine. You will love it!


Experience one of best sounding turntable available in the world today!